Author, Director, Producer

Ilona Ziok - Bio-/Filmography
Ilona ZiokBorn in Gliwice/Poland
School education in England and Germany
Studied Political Science (International Relations),
Slavic Studies in Frankfurt a.M.,
Theatre & Film in New York and Moscow
Thesis: “The implementation of V. Rozov’s drama “Letjat Zuravli“

Freelance Producer, Author and Director

In Financing as Author, Dirctor, Producer:
SING A SONG OF SOCIALISM – Songs from the former GDR

In Post-Poduction as Author, Dirctor, Producer:
THE PROSECUTOR or THE CASE FRITZ BAUER, a CV Films production in co-production
with SR/ARD, supported by Bundespresseamt, HR/Hessian Film Fund. Stiftung NRW

Completed as Author, Director, Producer:
2009 THE COUNT AND THE COMRADE (Der Junker und der Kommunist):
          www.countandcomrade.de, 72 min.

2006  DER STUMMFILMPIANIST (The Sounds of Silents)
           a musical film about the 100 year old Prof. W. Sommerfeld,
           the last original still performing pianist from the 20’s,
           80 min., a CV Films productiion in co-production with Vera Vista Prague
           and Matti Film, with the support of LTS Niedersachsen, MSH
           Schleswig-Holstein, Film Fund Hamburg, Stiftung Kulturfonds,
           MEDIA II and EURIMAGE

Documentaries as Author, Director, Producer:
1999 KURT GERRONS KARUSSELL; 65/80 min., ARTE/SFB, Filmmuseum Amsterdam,
          Vera Vista Praha; supported by MAP tv, MFG, Filmbüro NW, Eurimages; About
          the man who was the Magician in the „Blue Angel“;
          film participated in over 50 international film festivals, international recognitions,
          candidate in Documentary-OSCAR-nomination, BANFF (Rocky Award), TELLURIDE
          (one of tree selected documentaries 1999), Syndey (Top Ten), International Critic
          Award, Portugal (Grand Prix), Deutsche Filmbewertungsstelle: especially
          noteworthy (einstimmig besonders wertvoll)

          Trip to Tunesia with mentally ill people
          Co-directed with Jacek Blawut, 45 Min., ARD/SR

1992 UND DANN MUßTEN WIR NOCH WAT SCHWÖREN - Special Olympics Minneapolis,
          Co-directed with Jacek Blawut, 45 Min., ARD/SR1989  Der zweite Sieg des
           Jurij Vlasov, 15 Min., ARD/HR;
           The heavyweight Olympian challenges the KGB

1991  WO IST DIE STRAßE, WO IST DAS HAUS, 30 Min., Rias TV;
           Impressions of the daughter on a journey to Schlesien

1990  DU MEIN KAZIMIERZ, SHALOM..., 30 Min., Rias TV;
           Reflections on Jewish culture in Krakow

           HIER SIND WIR DAHEIM, Co-author: Frauke Sandig, 30 Min., Rias TV ON THE            TOPIC OF HOMELAND.

           DIE JUDEN VON MINSK, 15 Min., ARD/HR;
           On the topic of Jewish history in Minsk

1989  DER ZWEITE SIEG DES Jurij Vlasov, 15 Min., ARD/HR;
           The heavyweight Olympian challenges the KGB

Completed as producer/co-producer (a selection):
2008 Jacek Blawut: Jeszcze nie wieczor (working title LILLY), comedy in a home
          for retired divas; supported by HR/Hessian Film Fund, Film Fund Mecklenburg-
          Vorpommern, Polnish FilmFund, co-production with TV Poland.

2006 Kinga Kielczynska: POSTCARDS FROM JAPN; Manuel Göttsching at Mt. Fuji, 60 min.,           co-production with TVP Kanal Kultura, Biberacher Film Fest 2008

2005 Patricio Guzman: MON JULE VERNE, 60 min., co-production with ARTE France

2004 Andrew Horn: THE NOMI SONG, 100 min., coproduction with ZDF/ARTE,
          supported by Filmstiftung NRW, premiered at the Berlin Filmfestival 2004;
          Teddy Award - Berlinale 2004

          Patricio Guzmann: SALVADOR ALLENDE, 105 min., co-production with JBA Paris,
          ARTE/WDR, CANAL +, Spanisch TV
          Premiere at Cannes, in the Official Programme 2004

2003 Matthas Schmidt: DIE BÜHNENREPUBLIK, 2003 2x45 min. for ZDF/3SAT;
          GRIMME AWARD (most important German TV-Award)

2001 Albrecht Metzger: GEWALT SEI FERN DER DING, 60 min., on behalf of SR

1998 Jacek Blawut: EIN ANDERES HAUS, 60 min., on behalf of SR

1997 Jacek Blawut. LA LEGION ETRANGER, 60 min.,
          co-production with ARTE SR and Polish TV; Grand Prix Toronto

1995 Sarunas Bartas: CORRIDORIUS, 90 min., coproduction with WDR and Lituania